Winter Morning

Sunshine and frost - a day of days!
My friend, my charmer sleeps as I gaze:
But wake up now, my beauty, rise,
Lift those drowsy lids, and watch
Aurora's northern presence match
Your open northern starry eyes! 

Remember last night, how the sleet hissed,
The sullen sky was thick with mist,
The yellow moon in the swirling gloom
Showed like a wan stain; in the room
You sat, and sighed the hours away -
But now ... look through the pane today;

Sparkling under the blue blue skies
There in the sunlight the snow lies,
A dazzling carpet without dust;
Only the light-pierced wood shows black;
Frost vies with green on firs, the slack
Stream shines beneath its icy crust.

The whole room swims in amber, glows
And flickers, crackles to the throes
Of the lit stove as it spits and sings.
Lovely to lounge there, thinking things ...
But look, why not call for our sleigh,
Harness the brown mare, and away!

Gliding across the morning snow,
Dear friend, let us race forward so
That the keen horse may gallop free,
And let us see the empty fields,
The bare woods autumn so soon yields,
The river-bank so dear to me.

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