Tibby Elliott

School: The Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh

Two Aliens


Two aliens stood talking. One inquired of the other: ‘Do you really believe in humans?’

‘Of course!’ replied the second one. ‘They’re saviours; they showed us the light. They helped create society.’

The first one sighed. ‘How can you believe in a race of two-legged creatures who descended from the sky in a rocket, and showed us how metals worked?’

‘It wasn’t just metals – it was computers, and optics, and Facebook.’

‘That’s beside my point.’

‘Well, what is your point, then?’

The first one raised their eyebrows. ‘Do you really want me to go on?’

The second one hesitated. But after a moment: ‘Fine.’

‘Well, look. Myth and legend has it that thousands of years ago, some aliens came from the heavens, saying they were the last of their species, and then proceeded to form the basis of modern technology for us. So then they lived on this planet for many years - before dying out themselves, because they couldn’t survive in this gravity. Mo-‘

‘See? It’s entirely possible.’

The first one gave him a look. ‘As I was saying, most historians agree that this was either simply a tale told to young children when they asked who discovered electricity, or a trader from another tribe, who brought with them the process of smelting. Either way, not humans. Definitely no aliens.’

‘But they’ve got evidence... Skulls and strange minerals, remember?’

‘It’s entirely possible that those skulls were simply the products of the vile rituals performed on children in the Dark Times. Anyway, wrong time period. The myth of humans has been around since the Palaeolithic era.’

‘Yes, the era when humans first arrived. Anyway, the minerals?’

The first one hesitated. ‘I dunno... They could be... Trace elements or something? Don’t ask me, I’m not an expert. Plus, any remains of their ship would have been found.’

‘It’s been thousands of years! It would have rusted.’

‘Look. There’s no point arguing with you, is there? Sycians are the only race. End of.’

The second one knew they were defeated. ‘Sycians aren’t the only race. But fine. Pub, then?’

‘Fine. Pub. And please don’t go on about how humans supposedly brought us beer.’


Several thousand years later, on a different planet, two aliens stood talking.

‘Do you really believe in Sycians?’ one inquired of the other.


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