Velvet Lawton

School: Ullapool High School, Highland

Frozen devotion


Snow drifts through the cool breezy air, like star lights drifting through the midnight sky. Out stands a shimmering flame fox with frosted soft snow on her black button nose. Her small paw prints trail behind her as she tries to sneak her way through the thicket. Her ears listen for others, but all she can hear is her own steps making a small crumple. Suddenly she hears a muffled growl. She snaps her head to where she heard the sound. A jet-black wolf stands in front of her. His coat glimmers in the full moon. His eyes, a calming dark green stare into her hazel eyes. Neither of them says a word. Finally a wolf in the distance howls, he hesitates for a moment then glances to where he heard the cry. He looks back at the flaming fox and speaks quickly. "I – uh - I have to go." She stares at him for a second then hangs her head down and stares at her paws. He stands there waiting for an answer, then realises he isn't going to get one. He turns around and rushes away. The young fox feels stupid and cruel-hearted for not answering him. But she also feels shy. She felt a connection with him. She knows it’s forbidden to feel this way for a wolf. She never saw that jet-black wolf again, but his sombre green eyes never drifted from her heart.

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