Velvet Lawton

School: Ullapool High School, Highland

An teaghlach agamsa (my family)


Tha Isaac mo bhrathair. Tha e cho gorach agus a rag ach uaireannar tha e ubhasach snog agus coir, le cridhe mor agus tor gaol. Ach faod esan a fas crosta.

Tha mo phiuthar, Lilleth le litreachadh neonach, ach tha i cho eibhinn agus neo-eisimeileach. Tha I ubhasach deimhinneach agus le inntinn leirsineach.

Tha m’ athair, Jean-Marc, le litreachadh Frangach, the esan cuideachail agus tha e fio math air sports.

‘Se Mara mo mhathair, tha ise coir agus aidheiseach ach tha I sradagach. Tha I neo-feineil agus a’ smaointinn mu dheidhinn a h-ule duine eile.

An Teaghlach Agamsa


Isaac in my brother. He is so silly and rebellious, but sometimes he is very nice and kind, with a big heart and lots of love. But he can get angry.

My sister is Lilleth with weird spelling, but she is so funny and independent. She is very open minded and intelligent.

My father is Jean-Marc, with French spelling, he is very helpful and very good at sports.

Mara is my mother, she is so nice and down to earth but she can get jealous. She always thinks about others and never herself.

My Family



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