Leah Findlay

School: Peterhead (entered independently)

A black and white christmas


The house, it is silent, the house, it is calm,

Awaiting the arrival of a jolly fat man.

A tree twinkles proudly in the background

Listen - and hear a jingling sound.

A stomping of hooves, a peal of bright bells,

An elf with a suit and a sack full of toys

Is tumbling down the chimney to give all the boys

And girls their every wish and desire.

He spreads fun and laughter,

Joy and smiles come after.

A heavy, wrapped gift he lays under the tree.

What is it? Well, wait a moment and see!


A street with harsh, neon bright lights,

A child, face scarred from a lifetime of fights.

Hunched in a doorway, no bed of his own

The only sound from his lips a pitiful moan.

Merry Christmas indeed, a life on the streets,

Never knowing family, laughter or treats.

Happy New Year, yes, an empty belly rumbles,

A lifetime of hunger silences the grumbles.

Help, it’s a word he doesn’t know.

No comforts or needs to help as he grows,

He watches from the windows, through a cold pane of glass.

 Ignore him you do, as does everyone else.

Merry Christmas indeed.


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