Leah Findlay

School: Peterhead (entered independently)



How many colours in the rainbow?

One colour? Two colours? No.

Hundreds of shades, each unique from another.

How many identical people? Brother to sister, sister to brother.

None. It’s in the eyes, the cheeks, the noses, the lips.

The ‘imperfect’ bumps, the ‘ugly’ dips.

Why shame a soul for not fitting your view

Of how they ‘should’ appear? There must be a queue

Of faces, bodies, arms and legs

Filling the barrel, down to the dregs

That don’t look like your perfect self, your ‘goal’.

But it’s our hearts that make differences, our mind and our soul

And it’s our personalities that really matter. Do you feel perfect? No.

Do I? No. Does anyone, in fact? No.

Because the world wants us to be identical. The same.

But what if we don’t want to be perfect? We came

To this earth the way we are to make a difference, a mark.

So if you want to make a change, be bold, be the spark.

Be yourself, no one else,

Be unique. Be diverse.


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