Leah Findlay

School: Peterhead (entered independently)

The sea


Warm, buttery sunshine dripping through the sky,

Colourful umbrellas, a canopy dancing high.

Above a crowd of people, faces shining bright.

White toothed smiles glitter in the roasting summer light.

Sun brushed sand, dripping with droplets

Of cool, blue ocean waves, long gone.

Bright yachts bobbing on mountainous crests,

Warm foam lapping at bare toes, sinking down into the sand.

Happy shrieks, merry laughter echo all around,

Chasing at tiny fish, horizon bound.

I stand and watch, eyes open wide,

Taking everything in my stride.

Gulls call from clouds far away,

A typical sunny summer’s day.


Clouds billow over the sea,

Pouring icy droplets down on me.

Waves pound menacingly at the ocean ground,

Hidden treasure thrown back, lost but never found.

Lightning flashes up above, a beast lets out a roar.

A crackle hits the earth, shaking its very core.

Spray rises up and wets my face,

Waves are locked in a dangerous race.

I stand, soaked to the bone in the eye of the storm,

A light flashes past, warning of harm.

Stars disappear from the sky

As coal black clouds roll quickly by.

A storm is in the air.



Flame coloured leaves drift through the sky,

And fall to the ground where they will lie

Coating the ground in a carpet of red.

Gulls and geese soar over my head.

A ceiling of cool grey blows past.

As the weakened sun breathes out its last.

Miniature waves crawl slowly away,

The sky changes from night to day.

A sliver of moon glints from its perch.

Reluctantly a weary boat gives up its search.

The air takes on a cool autumn chill

Sighing, I turn back, I’ve seen my fill.

My old beach is quiet, the piers now cold

No one dances along like they did in the old

Days of past when the shore was alive.

A lone bird swoops past, back from its dive.

Alone with my thoughts, I quicken my pace

My beach, it has lost in a new modern race.


The beach is quiet, the beach is light,

A single family walks by with a girl.

Her chubby hand is clenched tight

Around the string of a bright red kite.

The sight brings a tear to my old eye.

And reminds me of the brightening sky.

It was dark, but now, though shy,

A golden sun begins to fly.

Cotton candy clouds scurry away.

The beach is quiet today.


I lie in a prison of white flashing lights.

 I’ve been here for hours, days, weeks or nights.

Watching my last minutes trickle away

This deadly disease, my body was slayed.

As I give up, as I shut my eyelids,

I see a bright beach, swarming with kids.

The sands are alive, teeming with folk

Licking ices, playing catch, running off for a soak.

One blink and I’m yanked from my childhood daze

And back on the beach on a stormy, wet maze.

Waves are lashing and lightning is high,

Igniting the sky with a rumbling cry.

I smile despite myself and the image is gone

Replaced by a beach where I am all alone.

Scarlet leaves swirl all around

But nothing around me makes even a sound.

The sky, it is dark, and the moonlight, it gleams

And I’m jerked to the last of my memories and dreams.

A silent beach, quiet beach, lonely and sad,

In powdery white sand, the huge beach is clad.

Waves crash inside my heart,

The beach is decorated with art

From long lost hopes and forgotten wishes.

No other creature is here, no gulls or fishes

I don’t want to go, I don’t want to leave -

I’m back in the white room and do I believe -?

A machine goes black.

Silence again.




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