Grace Clark

School: Monifieth High School, Angus

She stole a kiss


She climbs out of the water,

deathly pale.

He walks away,

Never stopping.


Her frost laced skin,

freezing cold,

And his pink skin,

warm to the touch.


She calls his name,

with her icy cold lips.

But he is already calling another’s,

he does not hear her.


Her long, sleeveless dress and bare feet,

not ever feeling the cold.

His tailcoats flying in the wind,

his black suit appropriate for what would come.


The funeral would take place later,

with the tragedy of what had happened.

An ice-skating accident was what it would be called,

but she and he knew better.


She could not tell the world of how he pushed her through the hole,

And he would not.

How he kissed her once, hugged her tight,

Then pushed her away into the dark cold water.


How she had screamed as she was submersed in water,

How she had struggled as he held her under.

Only ceasing when she breathed it in,

Stopping only when she went limp.


Her white dress spread around her like a flower,

She looked even more beautiful in death.

But he felt no pity or remorse,

As he walked away.


Later on, she got her revenge,

Quietly waiting till midnight.

People say he died of fright,

While you and I know better.


She stole a kiss,

Hugged him tight,

Woke him gently,

And took him away into the dark night.



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