Arabella Carmona

School: Shawlands Academy, Glasgow



We venture through the forest,

but the mist is upon us.

We run until our legs give in, coated in scarlet cuts and misshapen bruises.

Leaves painted in decay,

dancing in the night.

Scattered on the ground like shards of broken glass.

Plants gone to bloom again.

A slight chill breeze fills the void.

The gentle hum of the wind is lost once again.

Trees looming over, the branches twisted above.

Endless hours and endless thoughts with no final destination.

Locked, forever in the prison cell of the wild.

Sky coated in black.

Trembling in the dark,

looking for a light.

A sound or touch,

a hint of life.

The moon shining like a spotlight,

coating the canvas of the sky.

A twinkle in the dim, gleaming its way through the clouds.


We are the lost ones, never to be found.


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