Daisy Stewart Henderson

School: Shawlands Academy, Glasgow


The sky bleeds a pastel pink

Silhouettes dance under a golden light

Stars splattered above a smoky skyline

While the colours play across your eyes


Darling you were like the dawn

Even when the sirens drowned out your songs

Chasing pigeons round overfilled bins

You cried with the rain, screamed with the thunder

Skipped over concrete like you had wings


Hues flood a slate grey sky

Sky high shadows come alive

The wind gallops down the chimney, slams against our window

The horizon burns light, sets the city on fire.


But darling you were like the dawn

With your face divided with tears, collapsed in my arms

Even when your body was cut and bruised

Nothing could ever leave a mark on you


Storm clouds wrap around us with an iron grip

A fierce gale howls like a wild wolf

We watch the rain wash away all our hope

Close the window, breath the stale air


Darling you were like the dawn

Offered your shoulder, even when we weighed you down

Flicked away tears you didn’t understand

You were like a deer in the headlights

Even your sweet smile couldn’t hide the pain


Our ugly world is dressed in frost

Encrusted in diamonds, draped in pale lace

Broken windows with blinds drawn

Our street is a deserted graveyard


Darling you were like the dawn

but an army of clouds took control of the sky

Now you stand coated in black and grey

Deep bags hang from your eyes, you bury your face

Pale as a ghost, but still so alive

Daisy chains have been traded in for ropes of gold

The smoke has cleared, you can see your home

Your heroes fell and crumbled to ash

Forced to navigate a web of secrets and lies

Now you know that adults cry

That things aren’t fair, and that you’ll have to fight


Darling you were like the dawn

but it faded away, the magic’s gone

Leaves papered the ground, then froze to stone

A robin sings, then forgets the tune

And through watery eyes, I accept the truth


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