Rakela Oliver

School: Beeslack Community High School, Midlothian

The Blue Groper

I am blue with black freckles.

I have been drifting in the abyss,

Snaffling abalone meat

And gnawing off segments of crayfish.

I do not have a persnickety palate,

I eat whatever,

The water gives to me.


What do you think when you see me?

When my shimmering body,

Catches your attention.

When my golden-green eye,

Glints in the watery sun.

Do I reflect the rainbows of the reef?

Or the deep, deep darkness of below?

I am one of both.


It is said I am the colour of dreams.

When my tail fans out,

And my fins ripple,

And my scales shine palely in the glassy water.

When my muscles twitch,

And my lips bob,

And my gills flap with anticipation.


Does my scarred skin and sagging mouth,

Show the things I have been through?

The things I have seen?

My wisdom is one of ten lifetimes.

I hear the ocean's whispers,

And lock them in my memory.

Do my eyes give away the years I have lived?

The whispers I have heard?


The secrets I have kept?

You must not think I am boasting,

Though I have much to boast about-

I could tell you of the ships I've seen go down,

Of the riches that lie,

At the bottom of the universe.

But am one of mystery.


I cannot trust you.

You come down to my kingdom,

Only to kill my people,

And sell their dead bodies.

Your only pride is the price you are paid.

Is that all we are to you?


Money in your pocket?

Would you not rather come down,


To see us thriving, and,




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