Samantha Adams

School: Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh

All of the Tales Untold

To write is to give

To read is to live,

If you do not you'll never know, how many wonders you have not yet been told.

Tales are the web of this world,

let's watch as they unfurl.


'What to write?' is the question,

And what comes next is my only direction;

Don't follow the path,

or else you'll finish last

Make your own way,

you'll know what to say,

yet some folk still take their tales to their graves.


How many, I ponder, have not had the chance,

to scribble their stories,

to write them down fast.

A thousand sensations,

they sit in the stars,

Not for their taking, neither for ours.

Due to these tales we've cried many tears,

we've found who we are, over the years.

Infinitely, they'll eternally grace,

our heads and our hearts,

no matter the place.

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