Aaron Hewie

School: Woodmill High School, Fife

Surviving, surviving, surviving


(Inspired by “The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes)

Burnt out buildings and blocked out roads,

Once full of life, all now corrodes.

A shadow limping closer, is it friend or foe?

A nervous family lies concealed until they know

“Don’t worry, I’m not one of them,” a voice shouts.

A sigh of relief as the family walks out.

Walking, walking, walking

With hope and joy they march down the path

Not knowing that soon they’d face the Highwayman’s wrath…

The mother pleads furiously as he steals

“How can you do this, why don’t you feel?”

“It’s a new world we live in. Survive or die”

The Highwayman answers, avoiding her eyes.

He flees from the crime scene as day turns to night.

Blocking out the day’s events, walking by flashlight.

Walking, walking, walking

As he reaches the forest he hears rustling from a bush

He brandishes his gun, expecting an ambush

“Whoa, what are you doing?” says a voice in the woods

You look like one of those looters, up to no good!”

One by one, each of his fellow gang members emerge

The Highwayman’s fear sparks like an electrical surge.

Would this be the day he gets caught? He wonders

Stealing from innocents for supplies and plunder

Stealing, stealing, stealing

The leader stares at the duffle bag with scrutiny

Without a second thought, the Highwayman commits mutiny

The dishonoured gang retaliates with multiple blasts

the Highwayman, knowlng their alliance is in the past

After many struggling hours, he finds his refuge

An offer of food he couldn’t refuse

“It’s a new world we live in. Survive or die” a woman cries

He knows his fate as he pleadingly looks in her eyes

Pleading, pleading, pleading

Nervously he begins to stammer

He freezes in horror as she thumbs down the hammer

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