Darcy Link

School: Castle Douglas High School, Dumfries and Galloway


The crunch of her feet landing on gravel rhythmically was almost too miniscule to hear, at least to the human ear. Unfortunately, it wasn’t humans she was worried about right now. She was Šárka, her name meaning ‘magpie’ - oh how did she fit her name. She was the most renowned thief of all time, and yet she was so secretive. Nobody has ever seen her face, never mind where she kept all her priceless treasures.

This night in particular could have been the one that changed everything. She may have been caught. The reason for this? Dogs were hard to outrun, and add that with their magic owners, well, these dogs may as well be impossible to get away from, yet she still ran. She was the most renowned thief of all time, and she was not about to get outrun by some mongrels and their cheating leaders.

The way she got into this situation was… complicated, to say the least. Šárka was about to pull the perfect heist. The most valuable jewel of all time, and she knew the perfect weakness in the defence system. She had planned this for years, and there was no way she wasn’t pulling it off. That’s what she thought; it turned out there was an organisation that had the exact same plan, yet Šárka was quicker, and more efficient. She got the jewel first.

This organisation however, was not taking the news well. 

“That is ours little magpie! Give it to us, and you get a painless death.” 

Needless to say, they were ignored. And now Šárka was running for her life. Luckily for her, the organisation were not the only ones with magic in this world. The problem was, she needed to get into a higher vantage point, and she could swear she couldn’t see another tree for at least half a mile, and it was unlikely she could run for that long.

Running was a way to take her mind off things, but this was one time she needed to concentrate, for something tall enough, something that would give her an escape plan. Something that the organisation didn’t have.

The organisation’s magic was limited to controlling and enhancing animals and their abilities, and this explained the dogs. They wouldn’t tire of running, not for a very long time. Hopefully running wouldn’t be a problem soon though. The crunch changed into a soft rustle. She was in 

grass, and grass generally meant trees, unless it was a golf course, which was something that she knew she wasn’t near. Still running, she took in her surroundings. Sharp left, and up! She found herself climbing a tree, and a tall one too. This was perfect.

Climbing brought back memories of her childhood, before everything went downhill. Climbing was almost as effortless as running for Šárka, and both would be useful when they came. ‘They’ were the ones that took her parents, friends, family. ‘They’ were the organisation, and they thought she was dead. Her backstory was not a cheerful one, to say the least. Her childhood was the best anyone could ask for, but her teenage years were something she’d rather not think about. So she didn’t.

Finally, she reached the top of the tree, she was surprised to see the dogs were also halfway up the tree, but they were also assisted by magic, so the surprise was swiftly gone. They were too late anyway. Gracefully, she jumped off the tree, and started plummeting towards the ground. 

“What? She’ll kill herself!”

“What is she doing?”

“She realises that when she dies we’ll take the jewel?”

“She’s an idiot.” Several voices echoed through a white room, monitors everywhere, and were all labelled ‘Dog-Cam’. ‘They’ were not great at naming things. They watched as Šárka dived off of the tree, and all of a sudden every breath of every person was held. You could hear a pin drop. The whole room was in silence. Time seemed to slow for everyone, until suddenly they saw something they thought they had eliminated a long, long time ago.


Not all names were perfect since birth. Her name had been changed a long time ago, just before she started stealing. Just after she got her powers. A graceful figure was seen on the monitor, clear enough to see every detail of her outfit. White leggings; tightly fastened black boots which came halfway up her calves; a hoodie, with the hood up; and a beautiful feathered eye mask. The things that nobody was expecting though, were the beautiful wings sprouting from her shoulders. They were almost transparent, but were obviously black, fading into a soft green.

She really was a magpie. A smug smirk was crawling across her face, as she had just collected another shiny object to add to her hidden collection. 

Šárka suited her so, so much better.


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