Darcy Link

School: Castle Douglas High School, Dumfries and Galloway


It was the evening before this pathetic creature’s ‘art’ unveiling and once again we would get no credit. We, the paintbrushes, pencils, paint and canvas were always treated as useless, tossed aside once we had been used. ‘Used’ was the perfect term, we were never given any respect. This Picasso person never treated us right. We are the things that make up his ‘art’. We were about to teach him a lesson.

We were discussing a plan, when I had the best idea. An idea that would ruin Picasso’s career! And it would be so very easy to put into action. 

“My friends!” I started off. “For years we have been obedient! Staying with whatever positions we were put in, realistic portraits of the sad race that uses us without remorse! It is now we shall change this! It is time to stop being obedient, and let’s change things up a little.” With the ending of my sentence I chuckled a little, and every paintbrush, pencil etc. in the room cheered with joy. 

Picasso, nor any other artist, knew we could talk to each other. Majority of us were rendered paralysed, humans could not see us talking, nor hear us. However, paint that was not fully dry could easily move freely. This was the perfect plan.

Paints were already shifting around the canvas used, making a completely different picture to the once realistic park scene, changing it into some abomination of a human, the anatomy was shifted into the most absurd places. I chuckled softly to myself, surely this would ruin this ungrateful being’s career. Maybe we would be passed on to a better owner, who didn’t throw us about when they got frustrated, or chuck us forcefully onto the desk when finished.

My plan had been set into action, it was perfect! 

When sunlight slipped through the gap in the curtains I knew it was morning; the long-awaited time had come, and everyone was ecstatic. Picasso was ignorant to what we had done as the canvas had a white cloth draped over it. He picked me up and put me behind his ear like he always did, which I did not enjoy. He ran out the door to the unveiling, he was going to be late.  

As usual. 

Quickly he hung his - no, it was my friends and I who made this art. He hung the art up, and stood to the side, ready to present it to tens of people. It was amusing to imagine his and many other’s reactions to the distorted art. 

People started pouring in, it was only a few minutes to the presentation now, and I couldn’t wait.

A few minutes passed and Picasso started talking.

“It is my great pleasure to finally unveil my latest artwork to you all!” He pulled off the curtain, he seemed shocked at first, but then… regained his composure? “I know it is slightly different to my other work, but it symbolises the inner ‘difference’ inside of us! We are all unique and this piece, to me, shows this!” 

People started clapping, slowly at first, but soon the room was filled with applause! I was shocked, confused, but overall, impressed with his skill to improvise. From then on, I vowed never to do this to Picasso again. Not that I needed to, that distorted style was how he drew from then on. We, in a vain attempt to ruin his career, had made him one of the best-known artists of all time. 


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