Natalya Golenishcheva

School: School 207, St Petersburg

Wizards, Superheroes and a Chicken Leg

Mike got out of the school bus and ran to the house. He turned the handle and slowly opened the door. Ike hoped that he would see monsters or ghosts, witches or wizards, but no… nothing… as usual.

Mike was twelve years old. He was fond of reading fantasy books and watching films about magic characters. He wanted to be different from everyone. He imagined himself a superhero like Spiderman, or a wizard like Harry Potter. But the disappointing truth was that Mike was an ordinary boy. He wrote letters to Santa Claus asking for magic powers, but he got only a toy wand and a mask of Batman. At his birthday party, when he was blowing the candles out, he made the same wish. Again, nothing happened.

Mike’s mother, Sarah, knew about her son’s wish, and thought it was silly for his age. Mike was so busy imagining things that he forgot to do his homework. He woke his mother up in the middle of the night because he thought that there were monsters under his bed or ghosts behind the curtains. Once when he saw a strange looking woman in the street, he ran to her and asked her to teach him some magic. That was really embarrassing, and Sarah didn’t know what to do.

One day Sarah invited a man to their house. The man’s name was Mr Green. Sarah said that he was her friend but the man spoke only with Mike, asking him a lot of questions about his wishes and dreams. Mike understood that he man was a psychologist. He was offended. Did his mother think he was a psycho? He said that he was tired and went upstairs to his room. He lay on the bed, sulking. His mother didn’t understand him. Nobody understood him. He cried, and then fell asleep.

Mike woke up at midnight. He remembered that he hadn’t had supper. He felt hungry and quietly went to the kitchen. He closed the door so that his mother wouldn’t wake up. Then he inspected the fridge and found a large mouth-watering chicken leg. When Mike put the chicken 

in his mouth he felt a gust of wind. He turned and saw the kitchen door opening. There was something green behind it! Mike wanted to scream but his mouth was full of chicken. In the doorway he saw a man. Mike recognised him at once. It was Mr Green. But he looked like a wizard in a tall hat and a long green mantle.

Mr Green waved his hand and the kitchen disappeared. They were standing in a lift. There was a long row o buttons on the wall with numbers from 1 to 100. Mr Green pressed the button with number 14, and the lift went up. When the lift stopped and the door opened, Mike found himself on the attic of his own house. There was a group of teenagers there too, looking through the window. One boy, wearing a red cloak and a mask was standing outside at the very edge of the roof. ‘I can do it.  I’m Superman,’ he shouted, and jumped down.

There was a bright flash of light, as if someone was taking a photo, and Mike saw a room in a hospital. Someone was lying in bed, his arms and legs were in plaster. Then Mike heard Mr Green’s voice: ‘This teenager thought that he was a hero and wanted to show off.’ Suddenly Mike’s mother Sarah entered the room. She was crying. Mike understood that the boy in bed was himself.

The next moment they were in the lift again. Mr Green pushed button number 60. When the door of the lift opened, Mike saw a dusty room full of costumes of heroes and wizards. There were masks of different characters and shelves full of toys and comics. In a shabby armchair sat an old man wearing a costume of Superman. ‘This man was so fond of magic that he spent all his life collecting these things,’ said Mr Green. Mike thought that it was a meaningless occupation. The old man looked sad and lonely. Suddenly Mike recognised his own room. Is this man also himself?

There was another bright flash and he was in the lift again. Mr Green pressed one more button. The lift went down and Mike found himself in a wonderful land. He saw wizards waving magic wands and superheroes flying through the air. And then he saw a man with a camera and another man giving him instructions. ‘This man is a film director,’ said Mr Green. ‘He uses his imagination to show people a world of magic.’

There was another flash of light and Mike woke up in bed. ‘What a strange dream!’ he thought. There was something in his hands. In his left hand was a half-eaten chicken leg, and in his right there were three photos. They were he photos of the teenager, the old man and the film director. 


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