Susanna Rachaprolu

School: Aberdeen Grammar School, Aberdeen

The Food Chain


The Food Chain


Out in the African savannah, at twilight
There is
A doe with her fawn
Warily watching the landscape for
The leopard

The leopard is up
An acacia tree
Looking pitifully starved;
His bones
Making sharp waves on his brown- specked body

The leopard is
A killer, with
A sly, cold glint in his eye
His gaze intense with hunger sweeps
The grassland
Not missing
The doe

At midnight
The witching hour
He decides
It’s the moment
To pounce.

And then in one magnificent leap
He flies across the grassland
His razor-sharp claws
Neatly catching the doe

And then there is
A fountain of red
As the doe
Cries out in pain

Blood pouring out
Of the deep red gash
Slowly and gracefully
She dies.

The leopard’s caught himself
A fantastic feast
He greedily devours the doe
As the fawn solemnly watches

It isn’t the leopard’s fault
Doesn’t he need to eat?
It’s what they call
The food chain
On and on it goes.




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