Liam McLaughlin

School: James Gillespie’s High School, Edinburgh

La Mer de Glace

Deep furrows and rising tempest.
Specks and stains of rock top the crest of frozen waves,
stones suspended like plumes of soot. 

Silhouettes stumble like infant foals.
Clearly alien,
clutching sticks and poles,
their footsteps resonate
through fire-pit walls. 

Dancing of snow laden boulders.
Rocks ricochet, crashing, crushing, down crevices,
into blackness,
down deep furrows like gills of a giant serpent. 

Small muddied streams wind through the valley.
Sunlight burns thin ice,
scorching bullet holes.
Melting ice like widening moth-ridden cotton
tears apart and meanders down creviced
honeycombed passages,
sliding under bridges and through frosted valleys. 

Under the glaciers
small bushes and roots shudder

The wall approaches crushing rocks
like an army on the march.
Downwards, in between the rocks,
water flows. 


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