Iona MacLaren

School: Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh

Night Shift

Dark night,
Street light,
Cold wind,
Cruel  fight.

Birds roost,
Thick feathered,
Sharp claws,
Harsh and weathered. 

Gaggling youths,
Dodgy pubs,
Subtle smoking,
Scattered stubs. 

Warming windows,
Glowing glass,
Dinner cooking,
Sniff then pass.

A solitary cat,
Roams the street,
A plaintive look,
Something to eat. 

Rumbling engines,
Red light,
A diminuendo,
The daring flight. 

Familiar stone,
Under paw,
A grim landmark,
The dog-scented wall. 

Gentle hands,
Caress his fur,
Curled on the sofa,
A contented purr. 

Merging with shadows,
Dodging doom,
Coming so quickly,
And fading as soon.


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