Callum Stark

School: James Gillespie’s High School, Edinburgh

November in Edinburgh


The cobbles misplaced on the road accessorized by frost.
My trainers fall into the mulch of autumn leaves.
I shelter in tenement doorways,
A brief moment of calm before returning to the brisk, sharp bustle of the street. 

Sitting within a morning spot of respite
Gazing out at the Forth - a blue hat to the Edinburgh skyline.
Clambering up the Jenner’s steps to get lost in the Christmas land of joy,
full of festiveness and patter.

Gazing down the Meadows’ paths.
Gazing at the urban fields
a place so littered with pleasant summer memories
Of running and lazing on the previously green, green grass.

Walking by the palace
With a view through the gates
By the trees and past the hill.
Oh, how I do love Edinburgh in November. 



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