Callum Stark

School: James Gillespie’s High School, Edinburgh

Night Time


Grim tenements lurk in the shadows
Leering down at the few night-time residents.

A late night ambulance screams past
to rescue a weary soul.
Rats slip into the shadowed stage,
Scrambling through the disturbed alleys. 

Late night dwellers totter through the City
the only time they socialize with thugs and vagabonds.
A night bus whizzes past to meet itsfirst passengers.

Smirking office blocks leer towards
The skyline
Lights off, eyes closed.

The night takes a select few casualties,
Rasping unsuspecting citizens.
Darks alleys and cold blades.
Speeding cars prey on the silence. 

The night grows cold,
And then all is well by morn.





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