Andrew Pettigrew

School: The Royal Blind School

Who is my hero?

Who is my hero?
I did not know yesterday.
However now I am certain
that this hero will forever stay. 

Though I’ve never met him,
he made my path clear,
a path to succession,
a path that will always be there. 

Though troubled times break my heart,
snuff out my inner candle,
when my eyesight and hearing
are far too much to handle.

Then the light flickers,
the sun shines once again
and the joys of reading and writing
will always make me sustain. 

For though I have courage,
though I have imagination,
sometimes it proves hard
to keep my determination. 

And still my hero calls me,
still I follow in his tracks.
He makes the barriers fewer
as the knowledge stacks. 

I write my tales,
I write my songs
to encourage my friends, my family,
to help them get along. 

By friend and by family,
I mean it true in mind;
by friend and by family
I mean the fighting blind. 

Though some I have not met
I will never truly forget
that we’re going through the same
with no clear accusation of blame. 

We fight for independence,
we fight to kill the tenseness
that, like a flame, always grew,
the tension between us blind and sighted you. 

A love for freedom,
a love for books,
a desire for inner self
and not a care for looks. 

Never mind the clothing,
never mind their disability;
just remember their mind
or their lovely personality. 

For, without dislike in our veins,
then no changing in our brains,
no war, no fight,
no difference, like no sight. 

And through the struggle
we must make the rest realise
that we’re all the same,
gender, colour, ears or eyes. 

And who is my hero?
The hero I followed in his trail?
A man who was both kind and wise,
a man who at only three lost his eyes
is without doubt, without question,
without a lingering stop or hesitation,
Louise Braille.


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