Andrew Jones

School: Larbert High School, Falkirk

The Shockwave Tour


Potentially the best night of my life,
We’re at the Royal Concert Hall.
Here to see Joe Satriani,
The best guitar player of all!

We take our seats, the tension builds,
But first there is another act.
The time drags by so painfully slowly,
It’s like being tortured on the rack.

Then suddenly the wait is over -
Joe comes bursting on the stage!
He plays his hit “Shockwave Supernova”,
His fingers shredding in a rage.

Distortion on for best rock sound,
Or chorus to echo all around,
Delay or wah the other two pedals,
Precious to him as golden medals.

Mesmerised for two whole hours,
Joe plays his old tunes and traditions.
His skills keep the audience listening,
With flash techniques and new additions.

The crowd goes mad! We scream and cheer,
We love the music that we hear!
We worship Joe - he is our star,
And so amazing on guitar.

The final number has finished playing,
How I wish he was staying,
He takes a bow and leaves the stage,
What a great night from this guitar sage!


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