NEWS: How to enter The Pushkin Prizes 2019   05-SEP-2018

The Pushkin Prizes in Scotland


1.    You must be in your first or second year at secondary school anywhere in Scotland.

2.    Each entry must be authorised by a responsible adult – for example your teacher, librarian, parent.



What do you need to do?


1.    You must submit a folio of 3 pieces of writing – you can   write poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction, and your folio can be any combination of these.

2.    You can write about anything you choose.

3.    You can write in English, Scots or Gaelic. Please, if you’re writing in Gaelic, send your translation into English.

4.    No single part of your folio should be longer than 1000 words.

5.    Keep the originals of your work. We cannot return them. Winners will be asked to email their entries.

6.    Your folio must reach us by 20thDecember 2018 at the latest.


How to present your folio


1.    Download and complete the Pushkin Prizes entry form. 

2.    You must sign the declaration that the work is entirely your own, and this declaration must be signed by the responsible adult authorising your entry.

3.    Don’t forget to send the entry form with your three pieces of writing.

4.    We prefer word-processed entries. Handwritten entries are accepted, but only if they are written in black ink, and easily legible.

5.    Please don’t write your name on your entries, as they will be judged anonymously.

6.    Please don’t illustrate your work, or include pictures or photographs.

7.    Don’t bind your work – clip it together with a paperclip, or send it in a plastic file.

8.    Always keep copies, as we cannot return entries.


The Pushkin Prizes – Special Endeavour Award


If you have additional support with reading or writing at school for any reason, you are eligible for The Pushkin Prizes Special Endeavour Award. Every year we reserve a place for the winner of this category at Pushkin Prize-winners’ Week.


Entrants for the Special Endeavour Award may submit up to3 pieces of writing. Please tick the category box on your Entry Form, and include a letter from your teacher or parent briefly outlining the reasons that you are entering under the Special Endeavour category.




  • Completed entry form, signed and authorised by a responsible adult
  • 3 pieces of work (or up to 3 pieces of work for Special Endeavour entrants)
  • Special Endeavour Entrants should include a letter from their teacher and/or parent
  • Always make and keep a copy
  • Send to the address on the entry form – Lindsey Fraser, The Pushkin Prizes in Scotland, 6 Wellington Place, Edinburgh EH6 7EQ -  in time for the closing date – 20thDecember 2018.

What Happens Next?

Every entry will be read by a team of professional writers.

A shortlist of folios is drawn up, and these are read by our judges.

In January, the judges meet to decide on the Russian winners.

In March, the judges meet to decide on the Scottish winners.

Winners' teachers will be notified immediately thereafter.

In April, winners will attend a prize-giving ceremony, after which they will travel to the Moniack Mhor Writers' Centre near Inverness for Pushkin Prize-winners’ Week.

We look forward to receiving your entries!





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