NEWS: Pushkin Prize-winners' Week is officially open for business!   26-APR-2015

Dariia Pitolenko and Kseniia Lavrenova flew into Edinburgh from St Petersburg on the evening of Saturday 25th April. They were accompanied by the Director of The Pushkin prizes in St Petersburg, Natalya Ushmanova.

Today the two girls stood up brilliantly to a relentless day of 'This is Edinburgh!' The Palace of Holyrood House, St Giles, The Royal Mile, incidental shopping experiences, the Scottish Portrait Gallery... It was a packed day!

Here they are in front of the Scottish Parliament - closed on a Sunday...

Dariia and Kseniia 2

and enjoying a well-earned refreshment break in the tea-room at Holyrood Palace - hence the regal cappuccino.

Kseniia and Dariia 1

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