Advice from Authors

Jamila Gavin

The Writer's Life

Writing is hard work can tap into what it is that inspires you. Is it mystery, reading, music, sport, adventure? What makes you excited, what gives you energy, what stirs your imagination? What do you talk about? What makes you want to write?

If you can dip back into your own personal inner well of experience, remember your feelings; what makes you laugh, cry, feel anger or jealousy - then you are tilling the material of the writer, and you may turn up that story you are desperate to tell, and discover a compulsion to write it.

Write, write write. Keep a secret, private note book. Write it all down, as rough notes, as playful reminders. Turn your own silent thoughts into words. But if you run out of ideas, or hit a brick wall, then remind yourself, all over again; what story you wanted to tell, and why. Keep looking for the inspiration and the energy that comes with it. Oh, and by the way, don't forget to read. Read the best - read Pushkin! See how it's done.

What was it you wanted to tell me?

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