The Pushkin Prizes have Closed! (03-DEC-2019)
Please note, we are no longer running the Pushkin Prizes in Scotland and St Petersburg ..more
It's with great regret... (25-AUG-2019)
The Chairman and Trustees of The Pushkin prizes in Scotland and St Petersburg regret to announce the closure of The Pushkin Prizes this August. ..more
The Founder of the Pushkin Prizes is awarded The Pushkin Medal (20-DEC-2018)
Congratulations to our founder and chair, Lady Butter ..more
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The Pushkin Prizes have closed.
Pushkin Prizes in St Petersburg

Schools in St Petersburg can contact our Director, Natalya Ushmanova, if they have pupils interested in entering The Pushkin Prizes. She is already in touch with many of the city's schools.

Milana and Lizzie prize giving

Milana Gekht and Elisaveta Zamkovaia, Pushkin Prizewinners, 2018

Russian entrants submit one piece of writing in Russian and English. Their entries are shortlisted by our Russian judges, Tatiana Cheriskova, Yasnov Davidovich and Alexey Shervchenko and the winners selected by the Scottish judges.

If you are having trouble contacting the Director in St Petersburg, please contact Lindsey Fraser via the contacts page and she will forward all requests for information to Natalya.

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